About Me



First thank you for reading this, and welcome to my blog ❤

I’m Daniela, but I prefer going by Dani (tho my friends sometimes call me Dano) . I am 17 years old and I’m Mexican.

I love learning. Maths, chemistry, physics, and specially languages. So far I know Spanish (as my main language), English, Deutsch, Italian and a little french.

As probably you already know I love reading, I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. The first series that I remember reading is Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley, and after that I just kept reading and still am.

Three years ago I loved dystopian books and sci-fi, I read the hunger games, legend, divergent and all the dystopians of those times. eventually I started reading urban fantasy, paranormal and ended up switching to high fantasy.

Now almost everything I read is fantasy like Shadowhunters by Cassandra Clare, Throne of glass, A court of thorns and roses and more.

From time to time I read contemporaries, I always love good love stories and like the fact that contemporary characters are relatable.

Spring and summer are my favorite time for contemporary reads. Some of my favorites are i’ll give you the sun, To all the boys I’ve loved before and The fill-in boyfriend.

Some of my hobbies besides writing about books, and taking photographs of them are also dancing, singing, eating, sleeping , and sometimes writing.

This blog is about the books I’ve read, the movies that made me cry, about everything that has a space in my heart.

I want to give you recommendations about everything that I like and get recommendations from you! To know each other a little. So don’t hesitate to comment your opinions on any of my posts, even if you disagree with me.

And that’s probably the most important things about me.

Thank you for reading all!! I hope you like my reviews and tags . I’d love to talk to you if your interested.

You can contact me on metamorphoreader@gmail.com

and find me on instagram as @metamorphoreader 

Ps. I’m open for reviewing books.

And I am also a Booktuber, you can find me as Metamorphoreader



Primero gracias si estas leyendo esto y ¡bienvenido a mi blog! ❤

Soy Daniela, prefiero que me llamen Dani (o Dano), tengo 17 años y soy orgullosamente mexicana.

Aparte de leer me encanta aprender, de todo. Literalmente todo, hasta matematicas y quimica.

Este blog es prácticamente para recomendarles libros, series, películas y darles mi opinión sobre mis favoritas y fangirlear.

​Como ya saben me encanta leer, pero con la palabra fantasia me pierden, es mi genero favorito del mundo y podria vivir de este sin importar que tan cliche llegue a ser. 

Y bueno esto ya esta deeemasiado largo, si quieren saber mas de mi me pueden seguir en redes. ​