Hello everyone!!

We are super excited to finally share with you this amazing project we’ve been working on for weeks, the Con Sabor Reading Challenge!

We created this challenge to share our love for books written by latinx authors and being represented by spreading word about them and of course invite people to join us in reading them.

And I am honored to co host with them:

What’s Con Sabor Reading Challenge? 

It’s a year long challenge where the goal is to read as many books written by Latinx authors as you can.

These books can be backlist titles they can be backlist (released in 2018, 2019, etc) or new releases (published this year) and ARCs. We welcome books of any genre, any format, and any length.

How will it work? 

All you have to do is sign up by sharing a tweet, a post, a photo or a video with your TBR list or goals for the challenge using the hashtag #ConSaborReadingChallenge and sign up in the link below, also we ask you to link back to this sign-up post so that other people can join in, too


In order for a book to count, you must start and finish it within 2020; the challenge will end on the 31st of December of this year. (This means that books started in 2019 and finished in 2020 do not count!) Likewise, any books started in 2020 and finished in 2021 do not count either.

We want this to be a relaxing and fun , so you can join in at any time in the year.  The sign-up form will remain open until 2020 ends.

Are there badges? Prompts? Prizes? How do I track my progress?

You set up your own goals. Our purpose is that everyone reads more latinx literature than they used to, so even if you read only one book you will get a badge.

We have different badges you can grab if you decide to participate and according to your progress and goals as you reach them.  Here is one and you can download the others from our twitter and by  clicking in the next picture:

#ConSaborReadingChallenget (4)

You can grab your badges when you set up your goals, as you reach them, whenever you want. You can put our participation badge on your blog, share it on twitter. It’s up to you what you can do.

We also have monthly prompts  for those who like to step up and  challenge themselves a little more, you are not forced to follow the prompts, but if you do, you can share your progress using the lottery card we made.

The prompts are:


  • January- Book with mental health representation
  • February- Romance
  • March- Fantasy
  • April- Contemporary
  • May- A genre out of your comfort zone
  • June- LGBTQI+ representation
  • July- Afrolatinx main character
  • August- Fat representation
  • November- Retelling

We left free the months of September and October because during both the community celebrates #latinxheritagemonth and there are some amazing activities, like the Latinx Book Bingo and Latinx-a-thon, and everyone should participate.

And we also left december free because we don’t want to rush anything, december is the month for catching up on reading challenges, finals, and holidays.

Is there any additional information I need? 

We will be sharing some recommendations lists for those who don’t know where to start or want to add more books to their TBRs.

At the end of the year we’ll give away a couple books for those who participated, that’s why we need you to sign up.

Do not forget to follow our twitter account, we will be sharing updates, hosting chats and doing fun stuff over there. If you have any questions you can ask any of us.

Let the reading begin!!


17 thoughts on “#ConSaborReadingChallenge

  1. Awesome! Love this challenge! I have read 5 Latin authors this year, so far. Just a question, I don’t Twitter account or blog and I’m not planning on having any. Is this a problem?


    • Not at all, just make sure to sign up with your email in the form and in the twitter and blog spaces just reply with N/A. Thank you for participating


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