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Hiiiiii, I hope you had an amazing Galentine’s.  I know I’ve been a little MIA, you know life just happens and sometimes we need time for ourselves; anyway that’s a topic for another post today I’m here with my first blog tour eveeeeeer *screams excitedly* and like you have probably read before this I am going to review this amazing book.

When I first saw that this book was going to be released on twitter it became one of my most anticipated releases of the year. I mean an Jewish #ownvoices book with a queer representation, how could I not read it? And I was lucky enough to get an early galley and now we are here.

you askedTitle: You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman

Publisher:Sourcebooks Fire

Release Date: March 5th, 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Senior Ariel Stone is the perfect college applicant: first chair violin, dedicated community volunteer, and expected valedictorian. He works hard -really hard to make his life look effortless. A failed Calculus quiz is not part of that plan. Not when he’s number one. Not when his peers can smell weakness like a freshman’s body spray.

Figuring a few all -nighters will preserve his class rank, Ariel throws himself into studying. His friends will understand if he skips a few plans, and he can sleep when he graduates. Except Ariel’s grade continues to slide. Reluctantly, he gets a tutor. Amir and Ariel have never gotten along, but Amir excels in Calculus, and Ariel is out of options.

Ariel may not like Calc, but he might like Amir. Except adding a new relationship to his long list of commitments may just push him past his limit.

This book was the perfect book to get out of a slump. The characters are so real and complete that it feels like hearing the story from a close friend. Ariel, god, while I was reading him it was like going back in time and being stressed over high school and grades all over again, he was the most relatable character in the book, for me, reading him felt like reliving my senior year and dreaded it all over again. His growth through the book was the best and at the end I just wanted to hug him and tell him that no matter what everything works out at the end.

Now, Amir. He is suuuper cute, from the moment he appeared I was already shipping him with Ariel. I love how he is like this little point of fun in the stressed life Ariel carried, I loved how he was built, the way he balances the anxiety in the book giving cute scenes, reading  him with Ariel was what made me fell in love with the book.

I really liked the story, the growth we see in each of the characters, this is the kind of story I wish could have read when I was a senior in high school, because this is the perfect coming of age book for stressed high school students and even freshman in college. The reas is so easy that you will find yourself flying through the pages without noticing how time passes. While I had some issues with the story is because I am an anxious person too and the beginning was a little triggering but then everything just became more easy and light. I really like the relationships we see in the book, not only in the romantic way, because it really portrays how friendships start changing when you are coming of age.

I really recommend this book, it’s the perfect book for this spring, if you want a cute romance while staying real and not cheesy this is the book you’re looking for. You can preorder it in Amazon and add it on Goodreads.

I made a little playlist for the book, hope you like it.


Also, the hosts of the tour are giving away a copy of the book open internationally as long as book depository ships to your country. It ends on February 24th. All you need to do is enter here.   If you want to see more of the tour you can see the schedule here.  

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while writing it and making the playlist, are you excited to read the book? Let me know in the comments down below

love, dani

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